• Jalen Sanchez at Esperanza Health Center

    HEALTH CARE “I’ve never known any other clinic that reaches out and actually tries to help. I have complete trust [in the staff],” says Vanessa Sanchez. Her son, Jalen, is an asthma patient at Esperanza Health Center. Learn more about how MHNConnect and Esperanza improved Jalen's care.

  • Comer 2 College Group Portrait March 2014

    EDUCATION Comer To College provides comprehensive academic and social support to help Gary Comer College Prep and Gary Comer Youth Center alumni reach college graduation. LEARN MORE.

  • Art Institute of Chicago Modern Wing Installation

    CULTURE Stephanie D'Alessandro, Gary C. and Frances Comer Curator of Modern Art, Art Institute Chicago, discusses the THE ROLE OF A CURATOR.

  • SBirkel_Winds_024-ss

    ENVIRONMENT Comer Fellows in the Field offers an inside view of SCIENCE IN ACTION.

  • Friend Family Health Center

    HEALTHCARE "It makes me feel special that someone else cares for my health," said Mozelle Bryant, a patient at Friend Family Health Center. LEARN MORE about Medical Home Network.

  • Cheryl Hull Chicago Recovery Alliance

    HEALTHCARE "Each day, when I get off of work, I realize that I helped save someone's life. That's why I do what I do," said Cheryl Hull, Deputy Director, Chicago Recovery Alliance. Read more about our work with NEEDLE EXCHANGE PROGRAMS.

  • Gary Comer Arctic

    ENVIRONMENT As Gary Comer gazed out at the icy waters around him, he knew something wasn’t quite right. Climate Scientist Wally Broecker tells the STORY of his first meeting with Gary Comer.

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MHNConnect: Esperanza Case Study

MHNConnect: Esperanza Case Study

Aug 24, 2014

Jalen Sanchez had his first asthma attack two weeks after he was born. Terrified, his mother, Vanessa, rushed him to the hospital where he stayed under close supervision for four days. Over the next few years, these visits became the norm. When Jalen had trouble breathing, Vanessa would take him straight to the emergency room. […]

Comer To College: A 10 Year Commitment to Success

Comer To College: A 10 Year Commitment to Success

Apr 15, 2014

On a chilly early spring day, Taniesha Broadway and Rosie Martin sit on a sprawling green lawn at the University of Wisconsin—Madison. The two girls look the part of proud college sophomores. Martin wears a bright red Wisconsin sweatshirt and Broadway sports a grey Wisconsin zipup while sipping coffee from a UW Law School mug. […]

Stephanie D’Alessandro Discusses the Role of a Curator

Stephanie D’Alessandro Discusses the Role of a Curator

Jan 20, 2014

One thing that I think is so great about the Art Institute is that almost at the moment of its founding was this great desire to reflect the city and the city itself being one that was very, very modern. The art that was collected here was always connected to the spirit of what was […]

Comer Fellows in the Field: Aaron Putnam

Comer Fellows in the Field: Aaron Putnam

Jan 15, 2014

An expedition in Bhutan examines climate, glaciers and water resources in the Himalayas Read more about the Bhutan expedition: Scientist At Work, Notes from the Field, Aaron Putnam’s blog hosted by NYTimes.com. Bhutan’s Melting Glaciers Hold a Mirror to Earth’s Future Climate, by Matt Rhodes, Medill at Northwestern University. Bhutan Expedition | Edward Cook Lamont […]