CSEF in the Press

Including Safety-Net Providers in Integrated Delivery Systems by Katharine Witgert, M.P.H. and Catherine Hess, M.S.W, National Academy for State Health Policy, Commonwealth Fund Issue Brief, August 2012

Integrating Community Health Centers Into Organized Delivery Systems Can Improve Access to Subspecialty Care by Neuhausen K, Grumbach K, Bazemore A, Phillips RL. Health Affairs, August 2012

Medical Home Network as an Alternative to ER by Peter Frost, Chicago Tribune, April, 2012

Medical Home Network featured in article on Targeting ER Medicaid Costs by Carla K. Johnson, Associated Press, The Washington Examiner, April, 2012

The White House announces First Lady Michelle Obama to visit the Youth Center during upcoming NATO Summit. Leah Hope of ABC 7 Chicago covers the First Lady’s upcoming GCYC visit: Video and Story.

Net Benefits The idea of pulling carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere is a beguiling one. Could it ever become real?
The Economist, March, 2012

Gary Comer College Prep was featured in Architect magazine’s annual design review of the best buildings of the year
by Lindsey Roberts, Architect, December, 2011

The Fate of Greenland: Exceptional Storytelling, Extraordinary Photography
by Bud Ward, the YALE forum on Climate Change and the Media, August 2011

The Fate of Greenland: Lessons from Abrupt Climate Change
reviewed by Jeff Holman, The Ecologist, May 2011

Recommended: The Fate of Greenland
by Kate Wong, Scientific American, April 2011

Expeditions Recalled The Fate of Greenland
by Justin Gillis, The New York Times, April 2011

Grand Vision A Comprehensive Commitment to Children in One Chicago Neighborhood
by Charles Whitaker The University of Chicago SSA Magazine, Spring 2011

Coordinating care Medical Home Network will link hospitals, clinics and doctors serving Medicaid patients
by Judith Graham, Chicago Tribune, June 2011

Rush Neurobehavioral Center recognized the Comer Family with the 2010 Game Changer Award. The Comer's commitment to Chicago's children is the focus of a video produced for the event by the Medill School of Journalism.

Education Nation: Teen Violence Survey
by Rob Elgas and Zoraida Sambolin, NBC 5 Chicago, October 2010

The Gary Comer College Prep Opening Celebration was held on September 14, 2010.

Gary Comer College Prep Shines as a Beacon of Optimism
by Blair Kamin, Chicago Tribune, September 2010

Gary Comer College Prep opens in Chicago
WGN TV Chicago, September 2010

State-of-the-Art Charter School for the South Side
by Linda Lutton, Chicago Public Radio, September 2010

Gary Comer College Prep Opening
by Jean Lachat, Chicago Sun Times, September 2010

Chicago Tonight visits the Youth Center's Rooftop Garden

Comer Youth Center project is a garden in the desert
by Pete Reinwald, Chicago Tribune, August 2010

Watering the Food Desert
by Adrienne Samuels Gibbs, Ebony, June 2010

Chicago Family Health Center honored Stephanie Comer as the distinguished 2010 Healing Hands Recipient

Drill Team Helps Provide Structure and a Refuge
by Don Terry, The New York Times, April 2010

The Comer Science and Education Foundation congratulates Peter Huybers, Assistant Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University and Comer Fellow. Dr. Huybers was awarded a 2009 MacArthur Fellowship.

A South Side Oasis: The Gary Comer Youth Center Garden
by Hunter Sheffield, Edible Chicago, Summer 2009

Grand Crossing at a Crossroads
by Mary Owen, Chicago Tribune, July 3, 2009

CO2 Air-Capture Leader GRT Announces Support of the Comer Science and Education Foundation
Reuters, May, 2008

CSEF Funding Supports Critical Climate Change Research
by Erica Peterson, Medill at Northwestern University, December 2008

Geochemistry Building Will Expand Knowledge of Earth
Earth Institute News, The Earth Institute at Columbia University, December 2007

Ginormous Generosity
by Cheryl Burton, ABC 7 News Chicago, December 2007

Ten Modern Masterpieces
Chicago Magazine, September 2007

Chicago: Reinventing a Legacy
BluePrint Magazine, May 2007

Miracle of 72nd Street
by John Hockenberry, Metropolis Magazine, December 2006

New Youth Center in Grand Crossing a Beacon of Optimism
by Blair Kamin, Chicago Tribune, June 2006

GCYC Ribbon Cutting
produced by Lynette Kalsnes, WBEZ Chicago, May 2006